Kartel’s Fans Rejoice After Paula Llewellyn’s Status as DPP is Labelled as “Unconstitutional”

After Friday’s court ruling, King’s Counsel Michael Hylton announced that Paula Llewellyn must step down from her role as Jamaica’s director of public prosecutions (DPP) “as of today,” pending any potential appeal. This decision follows a Constitutional Court judgment declaring her extension in the post last year as “unconstitutional.”

Hylton, representing Opposition lawmakers Phillip Paulwell and Peter Bunting, emphasised that the case was not about Ms Llewellyn personally but about upholding the rule of law and respecting the Constitution. He expressed satisfaction with the court’s decision, highlighting the importance of constitutional adherence.


Paulwell echoed these sentiments, underscoring the ruling’s significance in upholding governance and constitutional principles. He criticised the government’s handling of the situation, suggesting that better engagement with the Opposition could have prevented this embarrassment.

Paula LLewellyn
Paula LLewellyn

The court’s decision, delivered by Justice Sonya Wint-Blair, upheld a constitutional amendment raising the retirement age for the DPP and Auditor General to 65 but deemed the provision allowing Llewellyn to choose to remain in office beyond 60 as unconstitutional and void.

The judgment clarified that any further extension of the DPP’s tenure must be agreed upon by the prime minister and opposition leader, as outlined by the Constitution.

Learn more from the report below, via the Gleaner.

This case underscores broader concerns about the Holness administration’s approach to constitutional amendments, which have faced legal challenges due to lack of consultation with the Opposition and rushed legislative processes. The controversial amendment allowing Llewellyn’s extended tenure was passed without Opposition support on the same day it was introduced in the House of Representatives.

Llewellyn, who has served as DPP since 2008, had previously received a three-year extension beyond the retirement age in 2020, which expired in September 2023. The court’s ruling mandates her departure from the role, pending further legal developments or potential appeals.

L.A. Lewis who has been a public supporter of Vybz Kartel, was quick to post the story, he captioned his post, “My peeple u tink mi did a joke wen mi seh she hafi go? U feel mi wuk weak obia? Mi neva tel unu mi ago fix deh ugli wooman yah bussness? 77777777.”

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On person told L.A. Lewis that, “Mi rate yuh obeah after tideh 77777.”

A popular fan page of Vybz Kartel on Instagram wrote, “Good News Everyone Prosecutor Paula Llewellyn was forced to leave the office today which is good .Paula Llewellyn was a Disgusting Awful Wicked Corrupt Human Being. She Did Vybzkartel really Dirty, She make Vybzkartel in a prison for so many years,” see full statement below:

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A pre-trial, 5-days-long court hearing is set to start on June 10th surrounding the Vybz Kartel murder case. At the moment it’s unclear if Llewellyn will be able to pursue her legal battle against Vybz Kartel with her DPP position uncertain.

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