Kartel’s Son Likkle Vybz Here Driving to School, Shows Off Thousands in Lunch Money [Video]

April 29, 2019

Vybz Kartel’s son Likkle Vybz is clearly famous at his school, with lunch money to spare and his own car to steer we can only imagine what a day is like being Likkle Vybz or Likkle Addi. By the looks of his school uniform, He attends Jamaica College(JC) high school.

Rygin King is clearly loved by the youngsters even though he is currently getting a beating on social media for his “felt out of school” statement. On the other hand, Rygin hails Vybz Kartel in the song the boys are listening to, loyal to his father after all as we can rest assure that we’ll never see his boys having fun to Alkaline nor Mavado’s music.


Likkel Vybz pops out a coil of cash and started counting, by the looks of the cash, this could be a regular Jamaican’s school/lunch money for weeks but not the case when you are Vybz Kartel’s son.

Watch full Video Below!




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