Kaylan Continues to Make Progress in Physiotherapy – Watch Video

Kaylan Dowdie‘s journey to recovery is still going strong, as the young girl who fell into a coma after a beating in November 2020 learns to walk again. Kaylan’s mother, Veneshia Buckley, shared a short video showing her daughter’s progress in her physiotherapy.

The video captures Kaylan at her home with a nurse who patiently assists her with each step she takes. The video begins with Kaylan sitting on a bed, slowly attempting to stand while the nurse stands in front of her.


Struggling to stand completely on her own, she relies on the nurse to help her off the bed and guide her out of the room. After exiting the room with slow, wobbly steps, Kaylan falls on her bottom, but the nurse offers support to prevent her from hitting the ground too hard.

Another clip shows Kaylan getting up from a chair while relying on a wheelchair to give her support. As the video continues, she can be seen pushing the wheelchair while walking. The nurse is still present, carefully watching and helping her.

Watch the video of Kaylan Dowdie below:

The video was shared on May 2 on her mother‘s YouTube channel, receiving numerous positive responses. One viewer said, “Kayla, you are a walking miracle. God is not through with you yet. Hallelujah.”

Another viewer said, “look what the lord has done and still doing . mighty God we thank you for KK journey keep on pushing young lady.”

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