Kaylan Dowdie Counts Down For 19th Birthday

Miraculous survivor Kaylan Dowdie is counting down to her 19th birthday as she continues to show improvements, grinning as she sits upright in the comforts of her bed without the need for support.

The teen has come a far way, from being immobile in the hospital after being beaten into a coma, to kicking back in her own bed at home. Even so, Kaylan is still being aided by medical support, which is seen in the recent updates shared on her mother’s Instagram page.


Veneshia Buckley, Kaylan’s mother, has been keeping supporters frequently updated on her daughter’s recovery status, and in the last updates Kaylan is happy as the anticipation for her 19th birthday on June 21st is evident in the caption.

With this birthday promising to be “fabulous”, there is much to celebrate as the teen, who was discharged on April 24, was not able to fully celebrate her previous birthday being that she was hospitalized since late 2020.

In a post made two days ago, Buckley spoke highly of her daughter who through her recovery, taught her strength and perseverance.

“June 21 is just a few days away my baby’s birthday, this little girl has taught me what strength is and what perseverance is, my faith has been cemented in Christ because of the hell you went through, you will be turning 19 and starting a new chapter of restoration, my God surely does deliver,” she pinned in the caption under a photo of the teen sitting up in bed.

A previous post spoke on the lesson that “life is the most precious gift” being taught to Buckley by Kaylan, while her miraculous journey proves to her family that God is fighting a winning battle for them.

In response, Kaylan’s supporters flood the comments with heart emojis, praying hands emojis, well wishes and prayers.

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