Kaylan Dowdie’s Mother Asks for Help As The UHWI Medical Bill Hits $41.5 Million – Watch Video

Kaylan Dowdie is courageously fighting her illness, hoping to make a full recovery from the injuries she sustained in the 2020 attack. Unfortunately, financial constraints are preventing her from receiving the necessary medical treatment. Her mother, Veneshia Buckley, reached out to supporters on a live stream to share Kaylan’s horrendous medical status, which has left her in a $41.5 million debt at the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI).

At the beginning of the stream, she detailed Kaylan’s pre-surgery consultations during her many visits to the hospital. According to Buckley, a CT scan conducted last September revealed a stenosis above Kaylan’s tracheostomy tube; however, yesterday’s consultation from the same CT scan indicated that there was a second narrowing directly below the vocal cords.


The surgery necessary to remove both stenoses posed a high risk, including the potential for Kaylan to lose her voice permanently and the inability to eat properly. “The failure rate for this surgery is very high, and if they do it, they may have to be doing it several times,” Buckley explained, adding that the doctors did not want to do the surgery due to the risks.

Buckley has opted for the second option of seeking laser treatment abroad, which could potentially provide a more successful outcome. However, such treatment is costly, and Buckley explained that she is currently heavily in debt due to her daughter’s mounting medical bills at UWI. Based on the information, Buckley has spent millions on her 19-year-old daughter’s regular medical care. Now, while she intended to pay the $41.5 million, Buckley said that she does not currently have the funds as she is only hustling and not employed.

Due to Kaylan’s medical status, she hardly leaves the house because of the secretions and dust affecting her. While explaining that she was doing her best to care for Kaylan, she added, “God must have a plan…. Him nah carry mi yasso fi shame…I owe God everything because he’s done enough for me, but I know he is not a God of failure.”

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On November 7, 2020, Kaylan was reportedly beaten and stabbed at a party by five women (Shakeema McLeod, Nadine Aldridge, Yoland Vassell, Timone Williams, and Casiann Lewis), who were later arrested and charged. On November 6, 2023, they must appear before the Supreme Court on charges of wounding with intent and unlawful wounding.

Watch the video of Kaylan’s mother speaking below:



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