Kaylan LOST HER MEMORY, Police Wants Statement

The case concerning the beating of Kaylan Dowdie has recently resurfaced on Thursday where the accused went before the judge, however, it had to be put off to a date in September since the teenager is not physically and mentally capable of giving a statement.

According to the Police, they requested a statement before but were told of the seriousness of Dowdie’s condition hence why they had to give it some more time, but nothing has changed.

The Gleaner company spoke to Kaylan’s mother about the situation, however, she responded telling them she was shocked in hearing about the hearing on Thursday as well as for the fact the Police wanted a statement from her daughter. The teenager’s mother, Veneshia Buckley said that her daughter is not able to communicate verbally at this time and has lost all her memory as it relates to what happened that night.

Buckley even stated that since being hospitalized last November, Kaylan has been the victim of 9 Cardiac arrests.

According to the reports Dowdie was said to be at an event when she was accused by one of the women for staring at her, which led to the brutal battering.

Charged for unlawful wounding and wounding with intent are “22-year-old waitress Timone Williams; 33-year-old Nadine Aldridge, who is unemployed; 28-year-old call centre representative Schakenna McLeod; 26-year-old sales rep Crysian Lewis; and 45-year-old labourer Yoland Vassell”.

The accused were all told to return to the Kingston and St. Andrew court in September, with hopes that there will be some form of progress in the teenager for her to provide the police with a statement.

Top Jamaican lawyer, Queen’s Counsel, Peter Champagnie was representing several of the females the last time the matter appeared in court.

On the other hand, Kaylan Dowdie’s mother is now officially an evangelist, and this has been confirmed just recently after her most recent YouTube video. Veneshia Buckley has been talking about making the move and starting her ministries for some time now however, she finally made the decision and took the big step.

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