Kaylan Update… Turns 18yo on Monday… Check Out Her Birthday Wishes

Sunday, June 20, 2021, 3:45 PM GMT-5

Kaylan Dowdy’s birthday is coming up on June 21st, and her mother Veneshia Buckley recently gave an update as to how her daughter is doing at this point. The most recent video was posted on Buckley’s YouTube page, and in the footage she seemed very elated over her daughter’s progress, giving thanks for the small things that she is now able to do with her body.

Kaylan was badly impacted by a C2 spinal injury, which she received last year after a group of women ganged her and had her beaten to an unconscious stage.

At this time in Dowdy’s recovery, her mother explained to her supporters that the goal is to get her daughter off the ventilator which is taking a bit of effort since factors are hindering that to be fully achieved.

According to Veneshia, Kaylan was taken off ventilation last week, as she was getting better and even had her hopes up of spending her birthday at home; however, she went unresponsive on Tuesday and had a seizure on Wednesday which caused the medical practitioners to place her back on the machine.

Her mother expressed that because of the seizures and inconsistency in Kaylan’s breathing, she is not able to stay off the ventilator but hopefully finding out the cause of the seizures will help her to move off ventilation. Veneshia stated, however, that she is not worried as she knows where her daughter is coming from and at this point, she is at a 95% chance of recovery, a far cry from what she referred to as an initial 1%.

The level of recovery that Dowdy is experiencing now according to her mother finds her laughing, talking, and moving her legs even though she cannot walk.

Buckley has even mentioned that Kaylan is very excited about her birthday, requesting to get a wig, a ventilator cake and springs yellow shots to celebrate her special moment.

Kaylan will be turning 18 years old on Monday.

Watch the entire live chat below.

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