Kaylan’s Mother Gives UPDATE, Talks Persons Collecting Donations Illegally – Video

Kaylan Dowdie’s mother Veneshia Buckley has given another update on her daughter and in the YouTube video, she posted about the matter she made some very important points that would have certainly informed those people who want to genuinely help.

In the video she stated that there have been persons collecting money under her name, stating that they have been doing so for Kaylan, by bringing around pans with the teen’s picture and asking for donations. According to Buckley, one such situation occurred in the Portmore area and as such she has warned people from contributing to them since she knows about everyone deployed in assistance of her daughter.


On another note, the mother of the battered teen explained to her followers and helpers that the transfer to a medical step-down facility is most important at this time as the Sepsis condition that Kaylan developed is only getting worse.

In addition to the detrimental position Dowdie is in, she has had 9 cardiac arrests in the past, and as such Veneshia expressed that she might not be able to survive another. It seems things are not looking great, and it could be seen in the video where Buckley seems to be holding back a lot due to the pain she is feeling.

According to what the doctors tell the battered teen’s mother, Kaylan’s organs are being affected and X-rays show where her daughter has fluids in her lungs causing pneumonia. She also has conditions that have caused her liver and spleen to swell.

Buckley also says that even though the teen has experienced healing in her spinal area, the injury she receives did leave an impact that has caused an autonomic dysfunction that sometimes causes her bowels not to work, preventing her from efficiently passing stool.

In addition to that problem, is the issue of infections that Kaylan has been having which sees the antibiotics deployed to help her, acting greatly, against her interest.

On a positive note, Veneshia is having faith that everything will work out in the best way as it has been doing with the help of many caring persons. In the Youtube live, she mentioned that DJ Lava from the “Chat N Laugh” programme, made a big difference that saved her daughter’s life when he contributed towards getting her a pacemaker.

Watch the full live chat below.

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