KD Knight Says Royal Family Should Bear Burden Of Tertiary Education

With the recent visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to Jamaica, there has been an outpour of protest coming from the people and during the meeting between the British Royals and Prime Minister Andrew Holness, he too made it known to them that the aim is to transform the country to a republican state.

Following up those talks, Queens Counsel KD Knight has added his two cents to the matter making it clear that the responsibility of tertiary education funding should be taken up by the Royal Family “for a specific number of years”. Where the idea is concerned the former Politician said the reason why the obligation should be theirs is because of the bondage they had the people in.


QC KD Knight spoke his mind on the matter while he on Tuesday gathered outside the British High Commission in St. Andrew in protest of the visit of the British Royals to the country.

In defence of the position he took, Knight said it was to stand with his fellow Jamaicans in solidarity, knowing the treatment they had for years had to experience. The former member of the People’s National Party also spoke to the greatness of the people, expressing how much persecution and suffering they had to live with as a race without the help of the British Royal family.

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