Kemar Highcon adds Spice and Shaggy to “Saucy” Remix

Spice was added to the remix of Kemar Highcon’s Sauce and Shaggy likes it. He joined with Highcon to drop the new video and talked about the business of dancehall 60 years after the genre was born, in a recent interview. 

Kemar Highcon is now signed to Shaggy’s label and they are both learning from each other as Highcon started out as Chris Martin’s friend and Shaggy didn’t know he had an agenda, he was determined to be a success and he also has an incredible work ethic and drive.


He was in America and he sold his car and went to Jamaica with a plan and when the time came for Shaggy to help him, the Superstar says he had no choice. 

Highcon had a mental plan and he executed it well and being around an international superstar like Shaggy made it easier for him. He said he learned the business and focused on being successful and it came with a lot of self-respect. He respects time when 95% of Jamaican artistes are always late. He just does what is required of him, knowing that his competitors will not show up on time and many persons in high places admire him for that. 

Shaggy said networking is important and Kemar is serious about his brand, he says he is selling a brand. He is a brand and he is going everywhere and carries his brand with him because he branded himself.

Kemar believes, if you know the business you earn more, he is booked in Jamaica and abroad.

Kemar Highcon’s “Saucy” remix is now out with Spice and Shaggy added to it. The song got big but Kemar thinks there is a far way that he can go with it, he believes the remix will help it to go to more places. It was his idea to do the remix and he decided that he had to have Spice in the sauce.

Shaggy said, Spice is one of the most colourful, hardest working artistes and she has a great skill set and great work ethic. Her ability to do great marketing is another one of her assets as she is also very smart and never leaves her fans.

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