Kemar Highcon and His “Saucy” Rise in the Music Business

Kemar Highcon is now booked for Sumfest and he is the face and voice for Pizza Huts latest campaign, and all this has caused him to be very excited. He was on the show last year even though he wasn’t booked, but he learned a lot and he is ready to showcase his talent in a bigger better way now.

He believes he has paid his dues, he had disappointments and kept on trying, because he believed he would be a star. Now he is a star who is booked on shows and he has 2 hit songs out there.


He spoke recently about how he sat down and said a prayer with his best friend and worked hard to put out a hit song. He worked hard to convince the people that the song was good and helped the people to feel that they were important to him and they are important as supporters of his music. He said, he never got much sleep while he worked to get his name out there.

Pizza Hut is helping his brand, causing people to put his name and his face together, as people liked his song but didn’t know who sang it. The Pizza Hut Managers reached out to him and said they liked his song and they wanted to work with him. He has been working with them and he is feeling good about his progress.

He has a lot of producers calling him and he is booked to be on a lot of stages in many places. He voiced a song on a rhythm for Romeich and it is doing well and he also voiced a song for Lee Miller that is out also.

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