Keshan’s mother upset, No charge laid against her Killer

Wednesday, November 18, 2020, 7:18 PM

News broke in July of 2019 that young female dancehall artiste keshan was shot and killed in Old Harbour by a licensed firearm holder that she first assaulted and injured.

According to the police report Keshan was shot in the upper body after she initially attacked a man said to be her lover, the report detailed that the female artiste damaged the man’s vehicle with stones and managed to stab him multiple times with a knife.


Now Keshan’s mother, Ilene Wright-Brown is dismissing such claims, outlining to the Jamaica Observer that her daughter doesn’t like knives, “Keshan did not stab that boy! Yes, she threw stones in his car, but she never stabbed him and from the incident happened, the police are saying it’s self-defence”.

She continued, stating that the report from the police was a “lie” and that ” Keshan was so afraid of knives till she took the longest in our house to cook, simply because she did not want to use a knife to cut up anything,” said the grieving mother.

“It has been almost one year and five months since she died, and we have gotten nowhere”, Wright-Brown detailed that a file was presented to the DPP office in 2019 but they argued that a part of the statement was missing.

Wright-Brown who lives in the Cayman Islands promises that if she doesn’t get any positive response this month, she will fly down and personally visit the ‘Hundred Man’ police station herself.


There are a lot of questions that are being asked at this time, as her lover also has 2 children with another woman, and it is possible that Keshan was in the middle of a love triangle.

Keshan’s sister believes the lover was living a double life after he told Keshan that the relationship between himself and the other woman was finished. It is possible that Keshan found out about it and she confronted him.

It was reported that Keshan heard he was at the other woman’s house and she went there and saw him, she then got angry and broke his car glass, before he shot her. However, it was also reported that Keshan whose real name is Kenniesha Brown was taken to the hospital by her lover after she was shot.

The shooter is yet to be charged on the matter which is regarded as self-defense.

Keshan did several songs with Vybz Kartel and was signed to So Unique Records. Kartel posted condolences online after hearing about the 24-year-old passing.

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