Kevin Hart Explains Why He lied About Injuries after Car Crash

In an unexpected twist, stand-up comedian and movie star Kevin Hart has admitted that he lied regarding the severity of his injuries after the car crash last year.

According to him, he lied to the hospital staff regarding the intensity of the pain he was feeling to prevent prolongation of his stay in the hospital. He was also afraid that being honest about his pain would lead to the doctors stopping him from walking.


Kevin admits that going back home to his family was very emotional as he realized that there had been a chance of him not surviving the accident and not seeing them again. Missing death so closely has been nothing less than eye-opening for Kevin as it put things into perspective for him.

He insists that he now takes nothing as ‘granted’ now and is ‘thankful for the small stuff’ in the wake of his crash.

While talking on Rogan’s podcast, he said: “Basically, what you realize is you’re not in control. It can all be over, man. So, don’t take today for granted. I was put in a situation where I was like, ‘Oh, my God. Am I going to be able to walk, am I going to recover, am I going to be able to get back to myself?’ And through hard work, determination, and pure will, I got to a place where I can be physically active again. I am thankful for some of the small stuff, which is just the ability to get up and move around. This season, I got to make sure people see me giving it my all to be the old me again!”

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