Kevin Hart Faces $60 Million Lawsuit

A video of Sabbag and Hart having sex in a Las Vegas hotel room was found on the internet and they both made headlines in September 2017.

Montia Sabbag who is a model and actress accused the comedian for an invasion of privacy, negligence and infliction of emotional distress. Kevin Hart now faces a $60 million lawsuit according to court documents that were obtained by reliable sources.


At first, she said she wanted to join forces with Hart against the person who recorded them illegally. She denied allegations that she was suing and extorting Hart. “My photo and my name have been released with lies written about me”, she has said. “I have not broken any laws, I am not a stripper. I am an actress and a recording artist.”
However, there is a new lawsuit filed on September 16, 2019.

Jonathan Todd Jackson was accused by her for secretly recording her bedroom activity, “without her knowledge or consent, while she was engaged in private consensual sexual relations with Hart,” she is also suing the hotel operators Marriott, Blackstone and the Cosmopolitan and Hart for negligence and intentionally allowing Jackson to set up the equipment for the recording in her hotel room due to their negligence.

The new lawsuit was filed approximately 2 years after the video was posted.

It is alleged that Sabbag now believes Hart worked with Jonathan to set it up, because he planned to use it as a publicity stunt, for “Irresponsible Tour”, his stand-up comedy. It began days before the video was publicized and went on until 2018.

Hart apologized to his wife and children and said he was not perfect, and his wife gave birth to another baby since then.

Kevin Hart the award-winning comedian turned 40 on July 6.

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