Keyshia Cole’s Mother, Frankie Lons Dies on Her Birthday

The 61-year-old died from an overdose on Sunday which was confirmed by Keyshia’s Brother. Frankie Lons have been battling this addiction for quite some time now. She passed away in her house in Oakland on the day she was celebrating her birthday.

Keyshia Cole’s brother, whose real name is Sammy, explained that he has been helping his mother to get clean and that he would check up on her daily just to make sure she is not taking any substance. He went on to ask the world to pray for him and their family at this time and to remember their mother as someone who loves and adore her kids and do everything possible for them to be together


Keyshia Cole was an adopted child due to the fact that her biological mother and father Frankie Lons and Virgil Hunter gave her up for adoption when she was very young. She was raised by Friends of the family. Keyshia Cole was able to reunite with her biological family after she became a big star in the music industry.

Keyshia started a family reality series that was filmed and aired on BET, in the reality show you can see Keyshia’s family including her biological mother, we could see their beautiful bond and relationships. The name of the reality show is “Keyshia Cole My New Life”.

Keyshia had played a major role to help with her mother’s addiction, she had been the caring daughter a mother would wish for. Cole would have her mom check into rehab and keep a daily check up on her to help her staying clean. She always shares a video with her fans of their happy moments when they visit her in rehab as a positive way to cheer her up for the big improvement.

Last year march 2020, Frankie made a wonderful improvement and was sober for a while. This made Keyshia very proud and she shared that milestone with her fans on IG. So far we have not heard anything from Keyshia Cole since the passing of her mom

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