Khago Advises Kartel to be “Humble” and Speaks About the State of Dancehall and Why Kartel is Needed – Watch Interview

Dancehall artiste Khago has further explained his stance on Kartel’s possible prison release and has advised the artiste to remain “humble” as he seeks his freedom.

Khago recently came under fire after sharing his opinion on Kartel’s appeal win, with the deejay allegedly receiving threats from furious Kartel fans. During an interview, Khago reiterated his stance that Kartel should remain in prison if he was involved in Clive ‘Lizard’ William’s death, but expressed that he could do great things if he is freed.


Noting that Kartel had spent over a decade in jail, Khago shared his opinion that he could be released so he could take care of his family, but the artiste needs to be humble. Speaking on Tea Time with Shelly Ann Curran, Khago said that while the real Kartel fans understood his statements, some people are pretending to have the deejay’s best interests at heart but wanted the deejay to remain in prison.

He added that if his statements were made by other artistes, such as Bounty Killer, they would not receive the same kind of backlash. Khago also stated that Kartel could be used by the government as a force for good, as the entertainer has immense power.

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In addition to the influence Khago said Kartel could have on the country, he also expressed that Kartel’s presence is needed in Dancehall. According to the Nah Sell Out deejay, he and Mavado are the artistes that are most affected by Kartel’s absence, as the competition fueled by his presence helped their music.

“Unuh a gwan like a Shawty alone miss Kartel. Eh wull a wi miss Kartel man. Eh music mashup because di man deh behind bars,” Khago stated. Khago further spoke on the need for Kartel to display humility and expressed that if he was being represented by Isat Buchanan, he would advise the attorney to “chill.”

“If him was my lawya, mi woulda tell him seh yow chill, chill. Because rembemba seh a me ina di hot seat [ … ] and these people have the power, di ada day fi try take away all your stuff from you. Suh, it mean yuh nuh all that powerful, like yah mek it seems. Humble, a humbleness a guh get di artiste out,” Khago said.

During his interview, Khago also discussed the allegations against P Diddy and the rapper’s past affiliation with fellow Dancehall veteran Elephant Man. Additionally, the entertainer delved into what he believes was hurting dancehall and new artistes in the genre.

Watch the interview with Khago below.

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