Khago Begs His WIFE “Francine” to Return

It was reported last week that dancehall artiste Khago had a physical altercation with his wife Francine Gayle who pressed charges on the deejay leading to his arrest on September 19th, Khago appeared in court for the matter on October 20th and is now publicly begging his wife to return, and claiming that media outlets blew the matter out of proportion.

Sources have disclosed that Francine left the island after the fight and is seemingly not on speaking turns with Khago.


The altercation between the two began while Khago was reportedly disciplining their son, his wife decided that he was taking the beating too far and according to Khago started a fight with him and in his defence, he struck her in the face with a dumbbell.

While driving over the weekend Khago went live to talk to his fans and on multiple occasions begged for the return of his wife, “Jesus Christ gyal Francine yuh wicked man,” he shouted, he then went on to state that, “Mi a walk and tell the wul Mandeville seh Francine left mi… Hey Francine you cah put back yuh foot a Mandeville a that mi a tell yo… left the general standing stiff,” Says Khago while laughing.

As things appear, Khago is more than willing to take back his beloved wife, however, we will of to wait and see what’s Francine’s plans.


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