Khago Blasts Vybz Kartel For His Treatment Of Blak Ryno, “Bounty Killer Never Box And Kick Dung Kartel” – Watch Video

Wednesday, October 4, 2023, 9:07 PM

Khago praises Blak Ryno for leaving ‘Gaza’ and not taking a physical battering from the hands of the leader of the disbanded music group, as he blasts Vybz Kartel for his alleged treatment of the Real Stingers artiste. The entertainer says he will never take any beating from Kartel, seeing that he has his licensed weapon.

In one of his usual live videos, Khago pleads for dancehall fans, more so Kartel fans, to give Ryno the spotlight and platform he once had under the stewardship of Kartel. Khago also pointed out that Ryno did not deserve any physical beating, and he was not a child of Kartel to be scolded by the deejay in that manner.



However, fans on his live video suggested Blak Ryno should have endured the beating and remained in the group for future success. Khago got heated by those sentiments and responded angrily.

“Bout tek box and kick from Addi Tek wah kinda box and kick, Blak Ryno a Addi son dwag? Kartel a beat him own pickny them? A that’s why me caa round nobody enuh because the government could never give me something fi defend myself and me mek Kartel box me enuh, a same place deh that is it if you,” Khago declared.

Khago went on to reveal that it was after his highly publicized falling out with Reggae stalwart Sizzla a couple of years ago, that prompted him to garner a licensed firearm. He also recounted Kartel and his former mentor Bounty Killer’s torrid relationship to serve as an example of how disrespectful Kartel was towards the man who gave him his ‘buss’ in dancehall music, and Bounty Killer did not react the same way Kartel did towards Ryno.


In his quest to unite dancehall, Khago continued his speech by calling on fans and artistes of dancehall to stop bringing down each other because they were doing the same job, which is music, by supporting each other and discontinuing giving all the power to one individual artiste.

See the video below:


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