Khago to Sue Jay Pink? Female Says She Did Her End of the Bargain – Watch Video

As the drama surrounding dancehall artiste Khago and Jay Pink continues to unfold, Khago reportedly intends to take legal action against Jay Pink. The aspiring dancehall/reggae female artiste revealed this when she came forward with more details about her situation with Khago.



The saga blew up on the internet last week as both entertainers made strong claims against each other. While Jay Pink claimed that Khago held on to her songs and requested sexual favours from her in return for her music to be released, which she said she did, the Nah Sell Out deejay alleged that Jay Pink had bad hygiene, was disrespectful, and had an abortion, which were his reasons for disliking her.

Khago plans to Sue Jay Pink after song Release Female says she kept Her End of the Bargain

Now, Jay Pink has stated that Khago is threatening to sue her for releasing their collaboration. The female continued by saying that she and Khago struck a deal in order to do a collaboration and a single.

“Mi and Khago do a collab, and we mek a deal fi dweet. Khago you nuh wah mi tell Jamaica wah e deal enuh, you doh wah mi come out and tell Jamaica di deal mi mek fi do a collab and mi single,” she said, adding that if she had the single in her possession, she would release it too.

Jay Pink indicated that Khago would not sue her because if he did, the secret agreement they made would be public, which she said Khago would not want.

As she continued to speak in released video footage about the matter, she said that she kept her end of the deal and also went on to call Khago “badmind”.

Watch the video of Jay Pink below:


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