Jay Pink Says She Gave Khago Sexual Favour for Music, “One Week Straight Mi Squeeze Him Bud*y”

Dancehall artiste Khago has found himself in many controversies over time, including with his wife, his kids, and an incident with the police.



Presently, the entertainer has found himself as the main topic of conversation once more as Jay Pink, a female Dancehall artiste, comes forward to state that Khago promised her that in exchange for releasing her songs, she would, in turn, be expected to give him sexual favours.

Videos of Jay Pink have been posted on Instagram where she gives details about her relations with Khago. She stated, “him a buck up pan him right match, and him cyah stop mi music…nobody a town nuh like him. Nobody nowhere nuh like Khago.”

She also mentioned that the Nah Sell Out singer is a “nobody” and that he badminds everyone. Continuing she said, “and him eat vagina, and him like him ho*d get squeeze. And him make me squeeze it and him hold on pan mi two song dem fi di deal of squeezing bud*y.” She noted that she now has issues with her hand because “a one week straight mi a squeeze bud*y fah fi him put out mi song.”

Jay Pink then threatened to take legal action by getting the police involved because of shoes and stocks he left at khago’s house. She also warned other women to stay away from him because he does not like women. “Dat deh bwoi Khago nuh rate nuh female…him say…di whole a we a whore and we a theif…say him prefer have sex wid a goat than in a relationship wid a gyal right now,” she said.

Watch the video below:


Additionally, she spoke of how Khago “nyam f*ck” and then frown on those who do it, and that he was jealous of her and upset that she would not sleep with him so he is spreading lies about her and holding her songs hostage.

Pink stated, “I leff him to the four square corner of dis world,” for the lies he spread about her.

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Check out one of Jay Pink’s songs below.

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