Upcoming Artiste Accuses Khago of Assaulting Her at His Home, “Grab Me Inna Mi Troat Fling Me Pon Me Back” – See Video

Days after her appearance on one of Khago’s Live videos in a studio setting, upcoming female artiste Jay Pink is now making some strong allegations against the Nah Sell Out artiste. According to the female artiste, Khago assaulted and threatened to kill her due to an incident involving a ‘Chiney Man’ at Khago’s house, referred to as Mr Chin.

Jay Pink outlined what caused the alleged incident as she served as a bartender at Khago house by stating, “After me give everybody dem drink, Mr. Chin turned to me people God Kill yah so and seh to me seh what’s my bill, because a going back downstairs to work, and I go so and check up e man bill and tell him e bill, if e man asked me… me nuh haffi tell him the bill.”


She continued by saying the man instructed her to keep the change after he paid his bill, the change was $600. Jay Pink said she was offered a drink but declined as she was solely focused on making money, seeing that she was not planning to stay around Khago too long because his mind was not good.

She describes what happened the following night in the presence of Khago’s male friends, “When me reach inna the man yard people the man just come outta fi him car grab me inna me throat so start run wid me inna yard and seh ‘hey gal me wi kill yuh bloodclaat’.” 

Jay Pink continued to share her story by saying she fought back, but Khago continued with his alleged assault as he went for his carjack and threatened to break open her face. She then said she started crying and asked Khago what she had done to deserve that treatment. According to Jay Pink, that’s when Khago explained that it was steaming from her asking Mr Chin for his bill too early. 

See the video below:


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