Khago Disses I-Octane in New Song, I-Octane Responds With Diss Song Too – Watch Videos

Dancehall artiste Khago has declared a lyrical war in his new single, taking shots at fellow deejays I-Octane and Seanizzle.

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The gritty, gangster track, reigniting the old feud between Khago and I-Octane, was previewed on YouTube, but the title is currently unclear. The song talks about murdering his rivals, who were putting on a facade as if they were gangsters.

The video showed Khago in the studio, vibing to his song, which began with a short intro, followed by a chorus saying, “You nuh see a dead man dem dawg.”

Wasting no time, Khago kicked off the first verse with the words, “shotta mek dem affi run from Clarendon, suck p***y Octane anuh no bad man.”

Continuing, he sang about using a rifle to take out his rivals, adding, “Seanizzle boyfriend affi go dead enuh, full him up a lead enuh.” While promising his foes a gruesome death, he noted his fondness for yellow tape and chalk outlines.

Watch the video of Khago’s diss track below:

The preview, released two days ago, caught I-Octane’s attention, and he immediately took to the studio with a diss track, directly counteracting Khago’s song. The Lose A Friend singer previewed his song on Instagram, showing him also in the studio.

“Memba a car mi have yuh wash enuh, a wah do some bomboc***t clown,” He sang. “Yuh only bad when yuh wash car. Come a run mouth, p***y tongue a track star.”

Watch I-Octane’s response below:

The remark that Khago washed I-Octane’s car alludes to a time when the two were close friends. The beef between I-Octane and Khago dates back to 2011, and back then, Khago said their friendship ended after I-Octane turned his back on him when he needed him.

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“Him a walk an a tell people seh mi and him good, but mi an him nuh good inno, a three years now mi and him nuh deal. Me help push him career, mi use to be him backup singer and mi use to wash him car,” Khago said during an old interview. He also accused I-Octane of trying to sabotage his career during his highest point of success.

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