Khago Shares His Dreadful Experience In Mandeville Jail And Laments Seeing Someone Die in Lockup – Watch Video

Popular Jamaican entertainer Khago was recently arrested and taken to a Mandeville jail. The pain in the entertainer’s voice was evident as he ranted about the deplorable conditions in which the people in the jail were living. Khago spoke of how he saw young men behind bars who were in dire need of assistance with basic needs such as clothing and food.

The disheartening video spoke of how the men were being held in overcrowded jail cells that had only one toilet and a single shower head for everyone to use. Throughout the video, Khago referred to his fanbase as “Khagonians,” as he pleaded for the people of Jamaica to come together and assist the men behind bars in satisfying their basic needs and also helping them get a more positive outlook on life. This, he believes, would not only help the jailed men but would ultimately assist in uplifting the country.


“Khagonians, mi go in deh as a star and mi come out as a servant,” he said. Although he mentioned that it was not his wish to publicize the good he was doing for people, Khago reminisced about how he got bail, was released, and went back to also bail out another guy who was locked up and could not afford his $20,000 bail.

He also spoke of a young man who was frequently having seizures because of his asthma and remembered how he saw the young man lying lifeless on the floor of the jail cell after being afflicted by his ailment.

Khago expressed that being in a cramped cell, where if the right words were not used to notify the other occupants of what you were doing, you would catch a beating from the other jailers, was horrifying. “Gas off,” was just one of the many declarations a person would have to make to give notice to their fellow jailers that they were about to break wind.

Based on his experience, Khago even went further to offer some parental advice, saying, “All a unu parents out deh, weh a low unu pickney fi run wild… Please go to school and pick up your son.” He said this in an attempt to get parents to pay more attention to the activities their children are indulging in so that they could be able to set on the right path as soon as possible and not become one of “the men behind bars.”

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In conclusion, Khago was reported and picked up by the officers for an incident that involved his daughter. He stated that he was simply trying to be a good father to the young woman and an assistant in making her life better, but she did not want the help he was offering.

Watch his live chat below:

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