Khago says him nah show-up, Mek dem kill him like Unycorn

Popular dancehall entertainer now seemingly social media blogger Khago is venting about concerns over his life after the death of fellow deejay Unicorn. Khago went as far as to say he could be next and his fans must watch out for him and guard him from some of the people who’s name he has been bashing recently online.

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Janett Pennant

Maybe him no what him talking about

Lady Lecia

Why should the truth be silenced… I am sure he is just expressing what has happens to him like anyone of us would do if this happened to you if it was good, bad or indifferent
I am just saying

Casandra Sinclair

You know it really wouldn’t surprise me. Him too nuff and nuh realize seh a serious times now

Rush Excell

Chat too much

Calvin Brwon