Khago's house In Mandeville robbed agian

[Sharingbuttons]Nah sell out mi friend them Dancehall/Reggae singjay Khago’s house was recently broken into, this is the second time around. Khago had the following to say “Sorry the day I Tek 3 million on buy Ras land a mandeville. Not like am from tht side of town. Tht place fight me more than any wehhh else cause of tht house. People up there all say. Them know me use to sit on streeeet an beg other people to sleeep in there house. So how I come to hav the second biggest house in Manchester. Can u believe it.

The a mount of time thay send police. In 2012 to stop my house sayin Khago a sell coke on sell gun. . It Mek its so wrong to hav money an stay where ur from.people from me buy my other house in usa I don’t even feeel to look back an tht place. Case I never yet feeel at home in it. Wase over 50 mill or not far or even more . Kmt but stilllll young.”



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