Khanice Jackson’s Suspected Killer Tricked Everyone Before April Fools

Friday, April 2, 2021, 5:09 PM GMT-5

Robert “Backra” Fowler, the man charged for the murder of account clerk Khanice Jackson, has been surprisingly been described by the members of his community, as not the type of person they would have expected to carry out such a gruesome act.

According to residents of the community of Christian Gardens where he resided in, he never showed any signs of behaviour that would lead them to be in any way suspicious of him.


The residents further described his actions as a well-played trick because, in the community, he was very silent and was not involved in any altercations or anything Of that nature.

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A former police officer who lives in the area he’s from spoke to the Jamaican Observer, and told them that Fowler usually used his taxi to bring him to church and even one Sunday he invited him to the alter which he did, and the pastor prayed for him. “Backra” also told the former Officer that he was thinking about turning a Christian however, he was not sighted again at the church.

The accused murderer was also said to have moved about often in his vehicle and was also one to give females money easily.

The residents of Christian Garden, said that even if Khanice was seen going over his house it would have not been suspicious to them as people often visited him, and he was not the type that they would have thought would have done something so gruesome.

Robert Fowler will need to appear before the court on April 9th, to answer the charges of murder.

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