Kids Playing Dangerously on Top of Skyscraper Apartment Buildings – Watch Video

Tuesday, August 15, 2023, 6:46 AM GMT-5

A heart-leaping video of two children risking their lives atop two skyscraper apartment buildings for some fun is circulating on social media. The person capturing the moment seemed to be recording the video from a distance based on the constant zooming of videoing device.

Based on how one of the two kids nonchalantly jumped across a gap in the buildings, it was clear that there were no parents, babysitter, or any adult in authority, present to supervise or at least within sight of the kids to get them to refrain from the dangerous game they were playing.

The bigger kid in size seemed to be particularly skilled at the heart-racing stunt he was taking part in as he jumped multiple times over the space between the two buildings. Looking at the height the kids were at; a fall would be a sure death sentence.


However, the kids were unfazed by the obvious dangers below and remained relaxed and comfortable at the frightening height until the short video ended.

Watch the video below:


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