Killer For Pathways International Kingdom Restoration Ministries Ordered To See Psychiatrist

November 4, 2021 11:51 AM

Andre Ruddock the co-accused that was arrested with Smith was reported to have confessed to the killing of 39-year-old Taneka Gardener, who had her throat slashed on the night that ritualised killings were said to have been planned to take place at the Pathways International Restoration Ministries.

The incident took place on October 17, and according to the reports coming from the Home circuit court in Kingston, where the accused was transferred, Ruddock made his confession the next day on the 18th of October.


According to the Jamaica Star who originally brought the news, the accused who was charged for the murder of Gardener was represented by Anthony Williams and Venice Brown as his attorneys and also had two JP’s in his company at the time. This information was released in a statement from Director Of Public Prosecutions Paula Llewellyn.

The accused who made his confession to the Police in a caution statement said that on the night that the murder took place, the members of the church were all informed that they should attend the church for a special service which would require them all to be dressed in white, which they complied with.

While at the service, the reports are that someone was asked by Smith to slash the throat of Gardener, and the request was denied however, it is said according to the information given in court that it was at that point that Ruddock took the throat-slashing responsibility upon himself and proceeded to carry out the act.

The accused was ordered by the court to return on December 7th for another hearing, which will see him being remanded until then.

The Judge also put things in place for a psychiatrist report to be done, where it concerns Ruddock.

The Pastor for the Pathways International Kingdom Restoration Ministries Kevin Smith, died last week in a horrible car crash along the Linstead bypass while on his way to be charged in Kingston. He was eventually slapped with Posthumous charges for two murders and an illegal firearm.



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