Kim Cries Over Possible New Sex Tape With A Sex Toy

Kim Kardashian is driven to tears with the persisting talk of there being a new sex tape of her and Ray J. Kim made it clear she is not going to allow this to happen again, and with the video clip of “The Kardashians” debut on Hulu, Kim’s emotional distress is publicly shown with her even mentioning a possible dildo.

During the video, Kim is on the phone with Hollywood Lawyer Marty Singer who she instructs to “scare the shit” out of Ray J’s manager.


Kim insisted that she was 99% sure that there was no new sex tape, but she then graphically questioned the possibility of Ray J using a dildo on her while she was sleeping.

“I mean I-I’m 99% sure, but the fact that these people keep saying they have a tape, what if I was fucking sleeping and he stuck a dildo up my ass? I don’t know,” she stated.

She continued to say she wouldn’t have remembered anything if she was sleeping, while her sister Khloe shockingly commented that she hoped such an act is something Kim would’ve woken up from.

The conversation between Kim and others resulted from an ad that Kim’s son Saint saw on a videogame promoting the alleged new Kim Kardashian sex tape. Kim expressed that she was grateful Saint, who found the meme funny, couldn’t yet read to understand exactly what he saw.

During the episode, Kris Jenner expressed that it was hard for her to watch her children go through such pain, but Kim certainly did not deal with her emotional distress alone as she called Kanye West to vent. Kanye comforted and reassured Kim to the point where she became calm and stopped crying.

Kim said that Kanye told her she “had the power” and she could not be cancelled.

Check out the upcoming episode below.

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