Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Reportedly Ending Their Marriage

New reports coming from a magazine is that Kim Kardashian is now reportedly leaving the marriage as she is saying that Kanye is giving her what she needs.

This is coming after she visited Kanye West at his ranch and the two were sighted in a car with Kim being extremely emotional.


It seems as if the questions are finally over as the new news is saying that the model went to visit Kanye just to break up with him.

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The last few weeks have been Kim Kardashian urging Kanye to seek medical attention for his mental health.

This coming after Kanye had spoke of an abortion for the expected child Kim Kardashian is carrying for him.

Even though Kanye apologized on twitter for what he said Kim was still not having as she made up her mind to leave the marriage.

She noted that her only concern is the kids and their partnership.

Kanye earlier tweeted “I been trying to get divorced since Kim met with Meek at the Warldorf for prison reform”.

The Six-year relationship has definitely taken a massive turn with the couple living apart now for a year.

Last week Meek Mill broke the news about him and his baby mother Milan Harris not being an item anymore.

See Pic from Meek and Kim’s meeting below

While Meek did not respond to Kanye’s comments it would appear that kanye’s statement caused a break-down in the relationship between Meek Mill and Milan.

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