Kingston, St. Catherine shook by 3.4 Magnitude Earthquake

Reports are that areas in St. Catherine and Kingston were rocked by a 3.4 magnitude Earthquake today.

The Quake took place about between 2:59 pm to 3 pm according to reports.

The Earthquake Unit stated that the epicenter of the afternoon quake was located 7 kilometers northwest of Trinity Ville a small community located in St Thomas and had a focal depth of 6.9 km.

Earlier we reported that, Jamaicans across the island felt a 4.8 magnitude earthquake about 7:30 AM on Wednesday, August 26th. According to the Earthquake Unit at the University of the West Indies, the quake was located at approximately 8 kilometres east of the Mile Gully community in Manchester and had a focal depth of 24 kilometres.

No serious injury nor destruction has been reported so far for either of the Earthquakes reported above.

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Jamaica’s most destructive eartquake too place at Port Royal on June 7th in 1692 whereby 3,000 persons lost their lives, major landslides among other devastation.

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