Kingston Anti-Vaccine PROTEST Interrupted By ARRESTS

Wednesday, September 22, 2021, 10:03 PM

A slew of arrests took place today as the President Of The United Independent Congress Joseph Patterson, among some of his supporters, were brought down by the Police for an anti-Covid 19 vaccination protest.

The situation took place at the Ward Theatre, and the plan according to the leader of the party was to have a march take place to Gordon House, however, the Police asked them to disperse the area since they did not have a permit to proceed.


In response to the Police telling them to remove themselves from the area, Patterson seemed very aggravated and spoke out saying that a permit is not needed to walk in the place they know to be their country.

He also went on to state that each Jamaican has a right to protest, which they will not be given and continued to speak about the essential rights that citizens have that he thinks are under threat for violation.

One of the things the leader of the party highlighted is that Jamaica government robs people of their choice to determine what goes in their body, further claiming that Jamaicans are being forced to make the vaccine decision.

For several weeks, Joseph Patterson and his party have been keeping organized protests against the vaccine. Since the progress was paused today by the arrests, does that mean it will cramp the flow of things or does it mean that it will nudge more people on board? For that, we will need to wait and see what happens.

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