Kodak Black Apologizes For Making Out-of-Line Comments about Lauren London

Monday, April 8, 2019, 9:34 PM GMT-5

“If i disrespect you Lauren London in any way shape or form, i’m sorry… even thou i didn’t and rest in peace to dude… yall ready know what i said i said dude encourage me to do shit for the community, my bad”

Kodak went on to respond to everyone that tried to check him online “That’s how ya’ll wanna feel… whenever ya’ll see.. if that’s how you feel that how you feel, don’t try to check me on no internet… all you n1ggas that want to do me something, do it bra”


“n!@ga you can hit my line” Kodak tells everyone that’s dissing him that they could have contacted him personally instead.

The Florida rapper is reported to be waiting to stand trial in South Carolina after being charged with an alleged sexual assault there back in 2016.

First it was T.I then The Game confronted Kodak Black online about his words about Nipsey and his wife. T.I stated ” Hey Kodak Black you outta pocket nigga, fix that shit… quickly… if no body else gonna say it i gonna say it and if i see yo i say it to yo face ”

The game said in a video while driving “This shit go for Kodak Black and any other nigga disrespecting my nigga nip name… his legacy his family nigga keep mah nigga name out yo fucking mouth nigga… this new generation all fuckt up in the head nigga… my nigga died out here in the fucking streets my nigga… nah nigga i ain’t going for that ”

Kodak Black responds to comments going viral “hey man i jus woke up to this shit… yeah she a bad bitch…i don’t give a fuck… yeah its a touchi subject but ya’ll know her and i don’t know dude… who gonna stop me from being me” he went on to state that he talked about a lot of positive stuff but the positive was not highlighted only the negative.

In a response to T.I. he states that “What the fuck T.I talking about.. i’m in georgia right now, man listen i said what i said… i love shit like this life wuddn’t be sweet with a little bullshit, a little controversy”

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