Koffee Bleaching Her Skin?

The @Officialfarmchicks recently posted a promotional video on their Instagram page, with the Grammy Kid Koffee who seems like she will be rocking the internet again, with the next controversy.

The “Rapture” artiste, appeared on The Farm Chicks program, giving them a big up but fans of the singer noticed that something was just not the same with her.

When observed, it appears that Koffee’s skin colour has gotten much lighter, and some person’s who commented on the post suggested that the entertainer is bleaching, while some jokingly stated that the lockdown caused her tone change.

The idea of Jamaican artistes bleaching their skin is not strange to Dancehall music however, where reggae is concerned Koffee would be the first to have done something like that, and some fans are saying it is not a good look, planning to withdraw their support if she indeed is toning.

Check out the viral video below.

Check out a recent other picture of her below.

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