Koffee Got Into Altercation With Flight Attendant While in the Sky: Reports 

According to reports, Koffee was interrogated by US immigration authorities, regarding her alleged involvement in an altercation that took place aboard an American Airlines flight on Thursday afternoon.

On a flight travelling from Kingston to Miami, the singer had reportedly been involved in an altercation with a flight attendant from United Airlines. The incident reportedly happened after the aircraft took off.

Sources claim that the Grammy winner, whose real name is Mikayla Simpson, attempted to use the restroom in first class despite the fact that she was seated in the economy section and not in first class. An altercation ensued when the flight attendant tried to block her and this resulted in a heated argument.

The pilot was forced to circle the aircraft because of the ensuing altercation while staff attempted to stifle the tensions between Koffee and the American Airlines crew.

The flight eventually landed later than scheduled, which caused some delays. Koffee was reportedly interviewed by authorities immediately after the aircraft landed at the airport but was eventually released after her supposed interrogation.

“She is now fine, “Olivia Grange told OBSERVER ONLINE. Grange holds the position of Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport. 

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Koffee has enjoyed much success since her breakthrough hit single Toast, which led her to even securing a Grammy for best reggae album the following year. The Pull Up artiste has not commented publicly on the matter as of yet. 

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