Koffee Strikes Huge Jordan Brand Deal

Jamaican Grammy winner, Koffee whose real name is Mikayla Simpson, has been selected as the brand ambassador for the Jordan Brand, Unite campaign and she is really happy about it.

The “Toast” artiste, has been a spectacle in the music space since her career took the big jump, launching her to become an international star.


In recently speaking with Vogue magazine about her recent accomplishments, she told them that it was her positive outlook from her Christian upbringing and music, that propelled her towards her success.

The young “Lockdown” entertainer, said that it all started when she was in high school and gained the realization that most of the music her peers was listening to was negative, and so she decided to start listening and singing more positive songs which helped her to become who she is.

Koffee stated that the Jordan brand, was very positive in their outlook and according to her, that characteristic went well with her personality.

She also said that she is big on wearing sporty clothes, and Jordan does that mostly.

With this brand new opportunity, the Grammy star hopes to inspire many more people with her message and style.

Koffee has her time to do good as she recently did a one of a kind virtual tour, that generated funds she used to contribute to children’s education.

The young reggae artiste stated that she is focused on helping people, and was glad to have helped in putting her country on the map.

Koffee stated, that she is very thankful, and hopes to continuously be a force for positivity, helping people to be emancipated from mental slavery, embracing self-love and self-belief.

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