Koffee’s Mother Tells How She Watched Her Daughter Rise to Stardom

Thursday, February 20, 2020, 7:00 PM

Joan Williams is referred to as the Coffee maker because she is Koffee the Grammy winner’s mother. She still goes to work to earn her own money because she wants to continue being independent even though Koffee has become a superstar. She can’t find words to explain how she feels about Koffee’s success as she still sees her as her last child “wash belly”.

In a recent interview, Joan said she taught her daughter how to be independent, and she doesn’t want to depend on her, so she continues doing her job. She remembers how much she enjoyed raising Koffee whose given name is Mikayla Simpson, as she was a quiet child who loved staying home. 


She said Koffee once asked her about the middle name she was given which is ‘Victoria’ and she remembers telling her that it was a name for rich people, and she would be rich one day.

Joan also explained how she was a bit worried when she saw that her daughter was getting into the music business because she was still in school and she wondered how she would deal with that as a Christian.

 However, after a while, she said Koffee wasn’t singing anything that was derogatory, even though she wasn’t singing Gospel songs and she decided to continue guiding her and supporting her just as she had done before.

She was never invited when Koffee performed at school, and she didn’t know her daughter was so talented, She recalls the first time she saw her perform and when she won a competition she was so surprised.

She said her daughter would stay up at nights playing the guitar and practicing and she would tell her to go to bed not knowing this would be the future.

When she wrote the song for Bolt she was told to go back and write about other persons like Bob Marley and Marcus Garvey and by the night ended she had the lines.

Koffee did two commercials before becoming a star, her mother explains, they were for Courts and Jamaica Public Service.

She said her daughter didn’t keep many friends, she also stated that Koffee cried for her a lot as a child, she didn’t want to be separated from her and it would hurt her heart to hear Mikayla cry each time she had to go off to school. 

Joan Williams explains that Koffee had to leave home at 4 am in order to make it to school on time.

She remembered the day when Koffee said she wanted her to listen to one of her songs and she was blown away when she realized how very talented, she was. Her favorite song that Koffee has done is “Blazing”.

Joan is a psychiatric Aid and a Momager now, she will be catching up with Koffee in Dubai next.  She said Tammy Chang is Koffee’s manager, but she is with her as much as possible.

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