Koncept Teaches Every Choppa the Science Of Cleaning Dirty Money

Tuesday, January 5, 2021, 3:06 PM GMT-5

Uprising Dancehall artiste Koncept has teamed up with Simple Boss and Chapdon records, to speak about the mechanisms of cleaning “Dirty Money”.

In the introduction of the song, the entertainer states that as a ” Choppa”, he wakes up each morning and pray for an hour as he faces a lot of fight but regardless he is still making and counting money.

Koncept kicks off the chorus of the song by making it known that he cannot stop what he is doing, even though some may ask questions relating to his line of work.

The uprising artiste continues by letting his fans know that there are even those who choose to sell out but, he is very focused and keen on what he is doing because he has a “gyal a breed”, and will not allow anyone to disrespect him.

He dives deeper in explaining his “Choppa” lifestyle in the verse by emphasizing himself making great amounts of dirty money, which he is adept at cleaning.

It would not make sense either for Koncept to be making the millions, and not be fresh in his clothes so he also made the point in the verse that he is “ever clean”.

While attaining the goal of a luxurious life, the “Still a Banga” deejay also sings of weird acting Christian girls, changing up becoming brave because of his status.

Watch the official music video below.

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