Konshens and Wife Break Up?

Latoya, Konshens’ wife says, she wants everyone to know that if they see Konshens acting like he is single, how he acts has nothing to do with her.

She wrote these words on Instagram, “I am single so it doesn’t matter what @Konshens does with his life has nothing to do with me, I am not into advertising my personal business online, but I want everyone to know this, so that when he starts with his single man acts then ya’ll know that he is single and it is ok for him to act however he pleases. This post is not coming from a place of anger.”
konshens 3


The couple recently had a cute son, Liam, and they were looking happy. They even had a lovely photo of the happy family on social media. They were clearly having a good time when they were together in their car and Latoya even got out of the car and removed a barrier for him.

There are some persons who are wondering if this is a publicity stunt, if he is putting out new music and wants to get some extra attention. Is there real problems in the marriage? If this is so what is happening? Why are posts on Instagram about this couple?

However, we all know that Konshens is an international star, he has been in the spotlight since he made a hit song with Romeich, and the beef between him and I-octane got a lot of publicity for him. All this has left persons wondering what is happening.

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