Konshens Sings About DELUS Suicide and Begs People Not to Do it

April 15, 2020

Konshens sings “Suicidal, Suicidal, Suicidal a woke up on a normal day and money kept pouring in lyrics were flowing out and life was going a ok.”

In the song, he spoke about his relationship with his brother who committed suicide and his brother’s child who is growing up without a father, even though she is so smart.


He begs persons not to be suicidal and encourages depressed people to find someone to talk to.

Right before Delus’s death, Konshens explains that he sent a birthday greeting for his brother on social media and Delus told him that it made him feel good inside.

Konshens explains that he was busy doing music at the time and wished he had found time to talk to his brother for a while because they had just started to be close again.

Konshens states that when he first heard the news “the world came crashing down”.

Konshens posted the song a couple of days ago on his IG, he also left a comment on his post with the below video, he said “maybe someone needs to hear DON’T DO IT, Love you bro (Ynw Melly suicide remix)”.

Listen the tune below

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Fans supported Konshens in the comments, one person said “Big up yo dam self youth, it rough but gwaan wule him love yo to g” , another said “Sigh reminds me when i overdosed. Man i didnt really wanna die but i wanted the pain to go away. Was stressed out and depressed asf. Afi. Give God thanks that I’m still alive cause i could have been dead since march 2015 over a temporary problem.😭😭. Rip Delus❤️❤️”, while another said “Feel dis to my heart, swear a me dis.”


This is not the first tribute Konshens has made for his brother, in 2015 Konshens made it public that “No know how mi aggo do dis without u dawg. But mi aggo do it cah u love see mi a do it. We can always say u neva affi do dat, but mi prefer seh mi wish u neva affi do dat…REST and rest easy to. I will pick up the pieces one way or another an u know who cyaa suffer already from me have breath she good. Mi know u pre all a dat before u mek u move bcuz u was never a coward an mi sure u believe inna me to di max. Mi have NO blame fi anybody or anything that sent you over the edge and me a share dis wid di world cah mi nah hide an bawl mi a bawl loud cah mi hurt deep an mi will always profess mi love and respect fi u proudly,” he wrote. 



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