Konshens tells disrespectful fan to go S_ck his mother!

Reggae danchehall artiste konshens was recently drawn out by a follower online. The gal a bubble deejay posted a video with him and a male friend sharing a splif, this act is controversial among some Jamaicans. In the video Konshens is seen taking a couple puff off a joint then immediately passes it to one of his close friends who then takes a couple puffs, during all of this Konshens’s arm is tightly wrapped around his friend’s neck. Konshens captioned the video saying “I love this man. @rikrootnewgovz happy birthday bro.”

One follower did not take liking to this act and then wrote “differentalexMedz look shaky”. See komshen’s reply below!

See video in question below!

I love this man. @rikrootnewgovz happy birthday bro.

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A wah??


Half the time a the one them wh a lick out a the wolf in sheeps clothes


How is it that when women do these things nothing is wrong with it? Darn stupid…


Same so tell him 10 more times if a female artist do that they wouldn’t look at it funny damn idiots Jamaican uno don’t have no love


I was at a party and a family came there the dad mom daughter and son and the father was dancing with his daughter and the mom was dancing with her son we Jamaican would not do it but I see nothing wrong with it they were not rubbing their bodies on each other