Konshens WlFE “Latts” REACT To His BREAKD0WN After Their Break-Up

Check out this report on the fact that dancehall star Konshens and his wife are going through rough times in their marriage. Konshens who gives himself full blame also said “ME STILL FIND SO MANY WAYS FI MEK THIS FUCK UP. This is what happen when a likkle Jack get a QUEEN. This is a message to all men, step outa uself an look pan u life, look wat really important and dont mek Jah tek back him blessing. Mi no wah no sympathy, and yes i had to post this because a yasso mi vent mi have few frenz but none a mi fren dem nah go say “big pussy yuh nuh see seh yuh a fuck up yuh life”. See more detail in video below.

[Youtube ytcode=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/nlT7E08lMIg”]

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