Krystal Seemingly Responds to D’Angel – See Post

While D’Angel did not name-drop the person who prohibited her from performing with her ex-husband, Beenie Man, it is believed that she was referring to Krystal Tomlinson. Krystal, Beenie Man’s ex-girlfriend, was painted as a jealous girlfriend during one of D’Angel’s previous live streams.

The spicy live stream featured D’Angel, legally named Michelle Downer, opening up about her work and money being affected by Krystal’s stern objection to Beanie Man performing with his ex-wife even though they share a child. After spilling the tea, D’Angel also gloated about the current estranged relationship that Krystal and Beenie Man have.


This live stream has apparently caught Krystal’s attention, and she responded to D’Angel with a lengthy message on her Instagram page on Saturday night. The message, featuring a happy picture of the former President of the People’s National Party Youth Organisation, spoke about not caring about those who are offended by what she does and outgrowing things that will hold her back.

Krystal wrote, “Never mind who is intimidated, offended and losing sleep – set your boundaries, stand your ground and honour your principles. They’ll “feel a way” like Beyoncé says, but give them space to feel their feelings and figure it out. Your power emerges when you #OUTGROW the need to be liked by people whose values and principles don’t align. Your power emerges when you #OUTGROW the need to be understood by those who get ego food from misunderstanding you.”

The message continued by saying, “Your power emerges when you #OUTGROW the belief that you’re responsible for managing people’s feelings. Your power emerges when you #OUTGROW the fear or criticism, failure and loneliness and trust God to work all things together for your good. And when you OUTgrow it, stay out. Don’t give up your power by looking back. Lot’s wife can tell you about the “saltness” of the look back! Out grow and out you go!”

Concluding the post, she added, “More power to you, brave warrior. MORE POWER!”



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