Kryziz Calls Out The System In ‘Die Young’

Growing up in a musical household, it was hard for Dancehall artiste Kryziz not to accept that he was also born with a musical niche. The Florida-based entertainer is today promoting his single ‘Die Young’, which was self-produced on his Jr. Steele Music imprint. 

The single speaks about youths and the impact their environment has on them and how the system contributes to the negative effect. 

With the notion that a youth’s environment plays an important role in one’s choices, Kryziz shares that he hopes this single continues to transcend across nations that need to hear it, especially in his home country, Jamaica. 

“It’s hard not to succumb to the environment you grow up in and that’s why I decided to write this single to show the youths that their cries are being heard and I have decided to do my part in the fight against the situations that continue to fail our nation,” Said Kryziz.

With a catchy chorus and thought-provoking lyrics, the track has already garnered thousands of streams while being curated by top disjocks and digital playlists making it his most successful release to date.

In response to how well the single has been performing Kryziz shared; “The song is upbeat but when you listen to what is being said, you realize that the song sheds light on some of the most pressing issues we face today. I am definitely thankful for everyone who continues to contribute to the success of this track as this is the beginning of many great projects to come.” 

While Kryziz continues to put strong promotion behind his latest release, the buzzing new artiste shares that he will also be working on establishing himself as a producer while operating under the brand Jr. Steele Music, a brand dedicated to his father, Jr. Steele of Mello Tone Sound System.

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Listen to ‘Die Young’ below.


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