Ky-mani Thinks One Of His Brothers Should Have Gotten Lead Role In Bob Marley Film

Son of Reggae legend Bob Marley has spoken his mind on the lead actor choice for the Paramount Pictures Biopic about his dad, that is currently being directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green who also worked on the film “King Richard” which is a movie created about the life of Richard Williams the father of tennis superstars Venus and Serena Williams.

The Reggae singer and actor gave his opinion to the Jamaica Observer who caught up with him on Tuesday. About the situation, the singer of the Reggae icon stated to the popular news medium that any of his brothers could have been a perfect fit for the role of Marley in the upcoming film.

As such Ky-mani who is well known for his lead role in the Shottas movie released in the year 2002, launched the question as to why any of the singer’s children were not given the chance of an audition. To emphasize what his point meant, Marley, told the Observer “Nuhbody cyaan play my father better than me; unless ah one ah mi bredda dem”.

The British actor Kingsley Ben-Adir was chosen as the actor for the upcoming Biopic, and the actor has much experience too as he has played some very relevant roles in the acting industry such as Malcolm X in “One Night In Miami” and Barack Obama in “The Comey Rule”. 


The actor also has Bi-racial parents just like Bob Marley, with his mother being a black Trinidadian and his father a white Englishman. Ben-Adir is also 35 years old going 36 soon, which makes him a good fit age-wise but even though those factors stand out, Ky-mani still thinks that they should have gotten someone from the Jamaican space because his father speaks and carries himself in a certain manner that only someone with roots in the island could re-enact.

Out of respect, ‘Maestro’ is giving Ben-Adir his credits though but still making it known that not because Paramount Pictures are the one putting out the film, means that they should get an actor that is already established since they could easily groom talent from Jamaica.

Ky-mani Marley has already written 6 screenplays with a film expecting to be released this year called ” Vendetta”. Where his musical experience is concerned as well, Ky-mani has released 7 albums which would make him a great fit as well for the role of his father even at the age of 45.

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