Kyng Tavii Says Worl Dawg And Cashment Tried To Take His Life

August 9, 2021

The controversy between comedians Kyng Tavii and Worl Dawg continues from the brawl they had on Casement’s “876 roommates” competition. The two violently attacked each other in a physical tussle, resulting in Kyng Tavii leaving the reality tv show.

The controversial duel continued after the show, with both comedians addressing the feud between them while throwing verbal punches at each other online.


Just recently, Kyng Tavii made some controversial tweets that shocked the minds of his followers saying things that had them truly questioning the character of Worl Dawg.

In his first tweet, he wrote “It is not considered a competition if certain people were paid to be on the show”, suggesting that someone, who many are assuming to be Worl Dawg, got compensated financially to be on the reality tv series.

An hour later the self-proclaimed “Black Sheep” shockingly wrote on his Twitter, “I’m wondering if I should talk about how Cashment and world fish set me up and tried to take my life while being on that show…”.

That post delivered a jolt in the hearts of his fans and curious followers of the feud since no one knew that the matter was life-threatening to Kyng Tavii.

After the controversial tweet, the comedian went on to post that “If a neva fi Tavii nubody wouldn’t know nuff a uno Memba dat….”, later going on to cover himself with a portion of Psalms 1, verse 1 that states; “Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners”.

Followers of the controversy are now calling for Tavii to give them more information on what happened to him in the competition and why he posted the strange tweets as well as for Worl Dawg to answer to the claims laid against him.


Check out his tweets below.

Watch Kyng Tavii’s live chat explaining the situation below.



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