L.A. Lewis Shows Off Maroon Money “A just Andrew a gi it a fight!” – Watch Video

L.A. Lewis has revealed that he obtained ‘One Lumi’, the currency of the Accompong Maroons, which he claims is in circulation in numerous countries. A video of the social media personality surfaced online on March 23.

In the video, LA Lewis showcases the banknote, which features a male Maroon blowing a large abeng, while another male holds what appears to be a stick, with a pale silhouette of a tree adorning the background.

“Maroon money, Nyan-Ko- Pong. So it a spend in a over hundred and add country already. A just Andrew [Holness] a gi it a fight right yah now inna Jamaica. So as soon as dem yeah free up, we get Jamaica outta it debt,” the self-proclaimed Maroon Emperor said.

He continued by stating that people can obtain their Maroon documents and purchase land without worrying about paying taxes.

Watch the video of LA Lewis below:

After jamaicamateyangroupiepinkwall shared the video on Instagram Saturday night, it received mixed responses from viewers. One viewer said, “He’s never lied to US. Sometimes we must look past the messenger and really grasp the message🫶🏾.”

Another viewer said, “He’s such a menace 😂😂.”

Read more of the comments below:

According to a Jamaica Gleaner report, detailing information from the Eco-6 website, the value for 1 LUMI was US$15.96 in 2021. The report also stated that LUMI was created by Timothy E. McPherson, a resident of Jamaica.

It was reported that McPherson conceptualized the banknote’s framework in 2014, and its initial release apparently occurred in 2020, as indicated on the eco-6 website.

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