WATCH: Marvin in Physical Altercation Over Money?

Monday, February 5, 2024, 8:24 PM

Dancer Marvin The Beast has seemingly been keeping a low profile and steering clear of drama. However, a newly surfaced video is stirring up conversations about Marvin.

The video shows two men engaged in a heated argument, with one gripping the other’s shirt in his fist while demanding he hand over his money. The man making the demands appears to be the popular Jamaican dancer.


According to the video’s caption, the sum of money at the centre of the altercation is reported to be $20. “Gimmi mi money…hey bwoy go s**k yuh madda,” he said, and he threatened to “hurt” the man if he did not comply.

The video continues to show the man making an attempt to grab Marvin’s neck, leading the dancer to blurt out more expletives and threats.

Watch the video of Marvin below:

After the video was shared on Youtube on Monday, two viewers responded by saying, “Me doubt a $20 him gwaan so fah,” and “What difference does it make how much money Marvin warring over.”

A third person said, “$20 is a lot to a bruk pocket like Marvin.. why him nuh go find a Job..? At least him a nuh hypocrite like beenie man weh a give out congratulations with heavy heart..”

Read more of the comments below:

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