Man Fatally Stabs Neighbour During “Loud Snoring” Argument

Tuesday, January 23, 2024, 11:22 AM

In Upper Moreland, Philadelphia, a quiet neighbourhood was shattered by a tragic incident that saw a dispute over “loud snoring” escalate into a fatal stabbing event, resulting in the death of Robert Wallace, 62.

As a result of the deadly incident, the alleged assailant, 55-year-old Christopher Casey, currently sits in jail facing charges relating to his role in the attack.


This deadly confrontation occurred on Sunday, January 14, as the Upper Moreland Police responded to a distress call made by Christopher Casey, according to reports from The Philadelphia Inquirer. Law enforcement responded to the call at 6:34 p.m. in regards to a stabbing that had occurred at Casey’s residence. The call resulted in an immediate response from the authorities.

Police also revealed that both parties have been in a long-standing feud over “loud snoring”. After stabbing Wallace, Casey called 911, saying he heard loud snoring through their shared wall. Police discovered Wallace’s body about 50 feet from Casey’s house.

Upon being taken to Abington Hospital, he died. In addition, Casey suffered a stab wound to the thigh. Wallace allegedly showed up at Casey’s home on Monday while he was eating dinner and removed a window screen, causing a quarrel.

There was a $1 million bail set for Casey. On January 29, he is set to appear in court to answer the charges against him.

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