Mutabaruka Brought to Tears by ‘Bob Marley: One Love’ Biopic – Watch Video

February 5, 2024

As reviews continue to come in for the recently premiered Bob Marley biographical film Bob Marley: One Love, Jamaican poet and talk show host Mutabaruka has shared how the film brought him to tears.

Mutabaruka attended the Bob Marley: One Love premiere last month, which was hosted at the Carib 5 theatre in Kingston. He is not only a supporter of the biopic, but the dub poet also makes a cameo appearance in the film.


Speaking on his experience watching the film, Mutabaruka said he did not wish to share a critique of the movie but desired to speak on the relatable aspects of the film and the audience.

He highlighted that a film about a Rastafarian was able to bring together leaders of Jamaica’s opposing political parties, members of the royal family, and those who did not deign to come to that part of Kingston.

Speaking on I Never Knew Tv, Mutabaruka further explained why the film had brought him to tears as he watched it. He expressed that he became emotional as he reflected on how Bob Marley and other Rastafarians were treated then versus how the culture is being celebrated now.

Image – Sabriya Simon Photography

The Steppin’ Razor host recalled that when he joined Rastafarianism, the possibility of Rastafarians being portrayed on screen was non-existent. Mutabaruka, who is known for travelling barefoot, added that he would never have been allowed to enter the Carib theatre in the past.

He further expressed amazement that he had lived to see Rastafarian philosophy celebrated in film when the religion’s followers were once persecuted by the police and the public.

Mutabaruka went on to highlight Marley’s beloved single One Love and expressed confidence that the positive message reinforced in the song and surrounding the movie will bring back an era of greatness in Jamaica.


Watch the video below.



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